Midwest Writers Association | Social Media | Sept. 2017 Meeting


Social Media was the topic of the September meeting of Midwest Writers Assn.

We had a nice turnout of about 15 members at Max and Benny’s in Northbrook, IL.

Everyone had a chance to share some of their experiences and thoughts about the use and effectiveness of social media.

Here are a few ideas that were shared:

  • If you are an author, be sure to have a webpage dedicated to your book.
  • Establish a facebook page that is separate from your personal identity on FB.
  • Social media is social. So don’t just promote. Share some things about your personal and professional life.
  • On Twitter use hashtags (#) as well as direct your tweets to specific thought leaders to extend your message.
  • Use Instagram if you like to take pictures or have a visual message to share.
  • Social media is a news medium so share newsworthy events such as your attendance at this MWA meeting.
  • Google+ is not the most popular SM platform but Google might well reward you for using it.
  • Youtube is a social media platform. Find opportunities to take and share videos.

In addition to these topics it is important to remember that if you are professional business writer. Your clients need your help with social media content that you can provide.

As writers and authors we need to understand and be able to effectively use social media.

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