MWA Expert Panels on Writing Non-Fiction

The Midwest Writers Association is embarking on a new initiative for 2017 to demonstrate the expertise and talents of our members, who are professional non-fiction writers. This will be achieved through a series of presentations to be held at area libraries and other appropriate venues.

The core presentation is conceived to be a panel discussion featuring five MWA members. Each member will present a five minute topic comprised of five talking points. The prepared presentations will be followed by approximately 30 minutes of discussion and Q&A. Allowing time for greetings, introductions and networking, organizers should schedule a 90-minute session.

Panel Discussion Topic

“Writing Non-Fiction”

  • A Panel Discussion Presented by Midwest Writers Assn.
  • “Five rules of nonfiction writing” – Cynthia Clampitt
  • “Five fiction techniques for compelling non-fiction.” – Sue Baugh
  • “Five things you need to know about memoir writing” – Cyndee Schaffer
  • “Five reasons you need an editor.” – Barbara Barnett
  • “Five important tips related to book marketing.” – Reno Lovison.

5 Steps toward becoming a Travel Writer. – Mira Temkin

5 Ways to add humor to your non-fiction book. – Christopher “Bull” Garlington

Venue hosts and organizers can get further information or co-ordinate your event with the MWA Outreach Chairman, Reno Lovison  (773) 989-1960.

MWA Members who want to be part of the panel should submit their topics to Reno along with a short 3-4 line bio via email with the subject line: MWA Panel Topic.

Members are also invited and encouraged to submit venue ideas and help with co-ordinating events in your community.