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The basic requirement for admission to MWA is one recently published full-length nonfiction book or three freelance feature articles published (for pay) during the preceding year. They should be submitted to the membership chairperson.

Consideration is also given to other freelance nonfiction writing (articles in trade magazines, newspaper feature articles, brochures, documentary video or film scripts, monographs, textbooks, corporate newsletters, contracts with book advances, etc.), in both print and electronic media. However, because this is a professional organization, though we are widening the types of nonfiction writing we accept, it is still a requirement that the work be for pay, and that all or a portion of your income is from your writing.

Members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) are automatically eligible for membership in MWA upon application and payment of dues.

Dues are $30

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  1. Roger Prosise says:

    How do I pay the $30 membership fee?

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